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Symphonies, Level 5

This wind symphony is a musical impression of the four distinct seasons in Quebec. It is inspired by rich musical folklore of Quebecois folk songs and the years that I spent living in Montreal and exploring “La Belle Province”.
1. AUTUMN’S GARLAND (see ScorePlay)
The symphony begins with an aerial flight over the countryside as it transforms into a sea of golden yellows and blazing reds. This stunning backdrop provides a stage for the many playful activities of the season before nature slowly moves towards winter and goes to sleep.
2. WINTER LIGHT (see ScorePlay)
Primarily textural, the second movement depicts a cool, crisp winter’s day where everything glistens, sounds are muted and seem to disappear into the snow. This lustrous landscape stretches for as far as the eye can see and there is a sense of peace and calm.
3. SPRING AWAKENING (see ScorePlay)
After a long sleep, nature is coming to life – this movement opens with flowers bursting forth, leaves emerging on the trees, birds singing and colour returning to the landscape. Along with the exuberant feeling of joy and renewal there is also a sense of reverence and wonder. This music pays tribute to the magnificent splendour of nature.
4. SUMMER FESTIVALS (see ScorePlay)
The fourth movement is a jubilant celebration of music. A crowd gathers to attend a festival – on the first stage they hear a woodwind ensemble. Then, they move to the second stage where a saxophone quartet is playing and finally to the third stage where there is a brass ensemble. The musicians then bounce the melodies around between the three stages – at first there is a lively interplay and then the tempo slows. Off in the distance a marching band is approaching. As they march closer and closer, the music builds and intensifies into a flourish from each of the stages and a final crescendo to the festive finale.
Commissioned by The Band of the 22nd Regiment, Captain Vincent Roy Commanding Officer. In celebration of their 100th Anniversary.
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Individual movements:

Autumn’s Garland – Score and Parts $125 (US)

Autumn’s Garland – Score only $15 (US)

Winter Light – Score and Parts $125 (US)

Winter Light – Score only $15 (US)

Spring Awakening – Score and Parts $125 (US)

Spring Awakening – Score only $15 (US)

Summer Festivals – Score and Parts $125 (US)

Summer Festivals – Score only $15 (US)

All 4 movements:

Scores and Parts $475 (US)

Scores only $50 (US)


3 Movements
Suites, Level 3 – 3½)
See Rhythmism in ScorePlay

RHYTHMISM is a three movement suite that explores different rhythmic feels and features the percussion section.
The first movement plays with “call and response” within the percussion section and between different sections of the band. The middle section sets up a groove in 2+2+3.
The second movement has a smooth Latin-funk feel and features the alto saxophone and tightly voiced harmonies.
The third movement has a swing feel in 3 and uses jazz voicings, a walking bass line and bluesy melodies to create a big band sound. There are a couple of interludes that are tango-like and a section that features the toms à la “Sing, Sing, Sing”.
Commissioned by the Calgary Regional Summer Band Workshop in loving memory of Mike Sakatch.
Now this is very profound, what rhythm is, and goes far deeper than words. A sight, an emotion, creates this wave in the mind, long before it makes words to fit it … ― Virginia Woolf
Music and rhythm find their way into the inward places of the soul. – Plato
Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. – Maya Angelou
Purchase the score and parts or score only below. After payment, PDF files will be delivered via email within five business days.

Score and Parts $85 (US)

Score only $10 (US)


Level 5
See The Pathway to the Stars in ScorePlay

THE PATHWAY TO THE STARS (SIC ITAR AD ASTRA) is a celebratory piece inspired by the exhilaration of flight in all forms. My father was in the British Air Force and later worked as a designer for Boeing, so I was always around aircraft and shared his excitement about aviation. This piece takes a cinematic approach and describes an imaginary high speed flight far above the planet.
Dedicated to The Royal Canadian Air Force Band, Captain Matthew Clark director – In celebration of 75 years of distinguished service to Canada
Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. – Leonardo Da Vinci
Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives. – Socrates
The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who, in their grueling travels across trackless lands in prehistoric times, looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space, at full speed, above all obstacles, on the infinite highway of the air. – Wilbur Wright
Just as musicians feel about scores and melodies, dancers about the steps and flow of music, so we’re one with the principle of flight, the magic of being aloft in the wind! – Richard Bach
Purchase the score and parts or score only below. After payment, PDF files will be delivered via email within five business days.

Score and Parts $125 (US)

Score only $15 (US)

UBIQUE! Everywhere

Level 5
See Ubique! Everywhere in ScorePlay

UBIQUE! (EVERYWHERE) is a celebratory piece honouring the people who have dedicated their lives to defend liberty. This work explores the emotions of joy, reflection, heartache and the moments of exhilaration that are part of a life of service.
Commissioned by The Royal Canadian Artillery Band in Celebration of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery’s 150th Anniversary of Distinguished Service to Canada

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. – Howard Zine

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Mahatma Gandhi

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others? – Martin Luther King

If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path. – Buddha


Purchase the score and parts or score only below. After payment, PDF files will be delivered via email within five business days.

Score and Parts $125 (US)

Score only $15 (US)